The Great South Africa. Together, we will build it.

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About Us

BuildRSA is an initiative for the greater good of the South African nation. It operates through dialogue that involves everyone that is interested in building a winning country. It is a platform not just for airing critical developmental topics, but also for finding suitable ways of resolving them before they cause degenerative damage to our country. At BuildRSA, while acknowledging our problems, we believe that we can win together, and that South Africa can be counted among some of the most successful countries in the world. We recognise that we live in a world with an endless array of mouthpieces and communication platforms. What sets us apart is that we are truly South African, patriotic and are focused on solving those problems that hold our country down. We do this in a constructive way. BuildRSA is apolitical. We engage all topics that matter, including allowing our citizens to express political opinions. Our rules demand that this be done in a constructive way, in the interests of South Africa. BuildRSA will mediate and manage the tone and focus of all discussions.

Our Founding Principles
Strategic Partners

BuildRSA forges and maintains strong relationships with like minded businesses and entities. The entities we choose to work with have a passion for our values and the development of the South African nation in an inclusive way. BuildRSA together with its partners is of the strong view that South Africa can compete more sharply economically, in innovation, in science and the arts. Our partners play a specific role in helping us to bridge the gap between our felt reality and our true potential. South Africa is a leading nation in how its potential ranks.

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